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      ABOUT US

      Canhuang Hardware Products Co.LTD, Started from 2001. we have many auto - matical production lines for concealled hinge, ball-bearing drawer slide, and concealled under-mounted side. after 19 years development With large moden workshops and advanced automatic production equipment,we independently careate YOUDO and other well known Brand,make us become a comprehensive hardware enterprise with strength and courage in eastem Guangdong.


      YOUDO he excellent hardware brand we designed elaborately in 19 years. Canhu ang started form high quality hydraulic hinge production, and gradually developed to billat qualitysupeior performance,rich variety professional furniture hardware itins.enjoy a great popularily in the industry,has set up YOUDO agencies in the world,


      YOUDO is running a new a beginning in 2020.creating new hardware era,standing at a higher ltitude,writing enterprise development blueprint, Search for the market pules,depend on high technology to manufacture high quality products, to provide considerate service, after YOU,DO the best.


      Look into the future, we, canhuang will insist on the route of international, professional, superior to further consolidate the brand image and industry status.Doing our best from equipment, Material. every link of management to develop potential market, put nto indu sty competition,develop higher aitude investment industry compettion, and create a brand new situation, be bold to break through, can transcend themselves, infinite pursuit, to achieve more billiance.Canhuang, keep moving!